Pastor Search Team

Brian Clements

Wife: Renee
Children: Lindsey (Adam), Donaldson & Ashley (Jesse) 
Grandchildren: Three grandson & one granddaughter
Time at Eastmont: 23 years
Areas of Service: Youth Sunday School Teacher, Deacon, Personnel Committee, Youth Student Counsel Committee, Security Team
Profession: Retired Lieutenant, Montgomery Fire Department

Courtney Corum

Husband: Thomas
Children: Mattie Lynn (6) & Lillie Ann (4)
Time at Eastmont: 12 years
Areas of Service: Adult Choir & Praise Team, Career Ministry Life Group Leader, Youth Praise Band Assistant, Preschool Choir Leader, Member of the Music Ministry Committee
Profession: Director of Program Operation & Date – Children’s Health Insurance Program, Alabama Department of Public Health

Travis Jordan

Wife: Christle
Children: Chloe (12), Cole (9), & Truett (3)
Time at Eastmont: 29 years
Areas of Service: Deacon, Life Group Leader, Tech Team Member, RA Teacher, Member on various other committees
Profession: Lender with Alabama Ag Credit

Brian Key

Wife: Donna
Children: Zeph (15), Zach (13), & Owen (9)
Time at Eastmont: 21 years
Areas of Service: Deacon, College Life Group Leader, Choir & Worship Team, Music Ministry, RA Teacher
Profession: Partner with Copperwing Design

Cindy Pitts

Husband: Rick
Children: Stephanie (Jesse) Chauvin & Jennifer (Max) Taverniti
Grandchildren: One grandson & one granddaughter
Time at Eastmont: 46 years
Areas of Service: Orchestra member, Worship Team Member, Guatemala Mission Team Member
Profession: Retired Paralegal, Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services

David Seay

Wife: Rhonda
Children: Rebekah (Casey) Carpenter, Anna, and Matthew
Time at Eastmont: 33 years
Areas of Service: Chairman of Deacons, Life Group Leader
Profession: Revenue Specialist with the Retirement Systems of Alabama

Jerry Short

Wife: Teri
Children: Scott (Laura) & Gavin (Brooks)
Grandchildren: three grandchildren
Time at Eastmont: 29 years
Areas of Service: Adult Life Group Leader, Deacon, Stewardship Chairman, Wednesday Night Small Group Teacher
Profession: IT Project Manager with the Office of Information Technology, State of Alabama