A Response to ‘Roe v Wade’

A Response to 'Roe v Wade' 1

“We hold that Roe and Casey must be overruled.”[1] Like so many I was elated and moved to tears with thankfulness over this announcement. Thankful for those who have stood in the gap for mothers who thought they had no other options lending their voices to the unborn. Thankful for those who have prayed, given, lobbied, fostered, […]


Lostness 2

“The world’s greatest problem is lostness.” Paul Chitwood, International Mission Board (IMB) president These words were offered as over 8,100 messengers gathered at the annual Southern Baptist Convention this past week to conduct what must be the largest business meeting in the church world. In fact, with all the media reports about the lively debate and characterizations of […]

The Family Table

The Family Table 3

My family dinner table will soon look different. With our daughter graduating, one chair will be empty more often than not. I am torn with mixed emotions. On one hand is sadness, recognizing there will often be one less voice participating in the daily recap (something you learned, something you enjoyed, and something you encountered in […]

Who Are You Inviting to Easter?

Who Are You Inviting to Easter? 4

It’s hard to believe it has been two years since many churches made the extremely difficult decision to cancel in-person worship services for Easter Sunday. I mean it’s Easter – the most highly attended church services of the year. It’s the one Sunday where we all make sure we’re there, right? After all, isn’t the resurrection the defining mark […]

Join LifeGroups

Join LifeGroups 5

What if I told you that God created you to live in relationship with other believers? What if I told you that your relationships with other believers will impact your spiritual growth and theirs? What if I told you that there are people who are perfectly gifted to walk with you through the best and […]

New Year Goals

New Year Goals 6

It’s the first week of 2022, and right on schedule – I’m back at the gym this week, of course, it’s only Monday and we’ll see how this goes. Each year often begins with a new set of expectations, longings, and commitments. Some years these resolutions are met with greater degrees of success than others, and the difference is always […]

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering 7

Did you know that every day 155,473 people die without Christ? That means in the time between our weekly services there are 1,088,311 people who enter into a Christless eternity. “Our work together is not finished. We have to get to every nation, every tribe, every people. We must share His gospel in every language. The Bible declares it. Heavenreveals […]

Mission Critical

Mission Critical 8

When we describe something as “mission-critical” we are stating that this idea or activity is essential to the survival of an organization. Have you thought about what things would be mission-critical for Eastmont? When it comes to those things that are mission-critical for this or any local church, first we must agree that the presence of the Holy Spirit, […]

Let Us Grow Stronger

Let Us Grow Stronger 9

The ministry of the Apostle Paul is often spoken of in terms of his “missionary journeys.” There are actually four of those recorded in the book of Acts. After the first missionary journey comes to a close Paul and Barnabas end up back where they began, in Antioch. This served as a sort of homecoming and a place […]

Stronger: Developing Spiritual Disciplines

Stronger: Developing Spiritual Disciplines 10

Some of the most recognizable paintings in the world were the product of Leonardo da Vinci’s artistry. But what may surprise you most about someone with such timeless ability that few if any have been able to replicate is that much of da Vinci’s timeless success is the product of his own discipline. Writers have often referred to the fact that da […]