Authentic, Loving, Genuine Community

Authentic, Loving, Genuine Community 1

Thank you Eastmont Family!   You have called, texted, and messaged checking in on me and my family.   You have prayed for us and for our health.   You have provided for us by bringing meals and even a grocery run or two.   Coming to the end of my time of isolation (I found out that quarantine […]

Dreams for 2021


What are your dreams for 2021? Great health, job security, that the Vols win the NCAA football national championship (well I did say dreams)?   What if our dreams are too small or too inconsequential? What if we are settling for a year of just passing time until “normal” returns? What if “normal” never returns? While everyone else around us […]

Christmas Season Changes

Christmas Season Changes 2

**This post has been updated with the most current information as of Dec. 21st at 1 pm** Eastmont Family and Friends: Over recent weeks, the number of COVID cases in the River Region has steadily risen. This increase in cases led our pastors to consider what changes, if any, we should make concerning our Sunday, […]

Why It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Why It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year 3

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” You’ve probably already heard this line from the 1963 song. It’s one of those perennial favorites that captures some of the essence of the festive nature of the Christmas season (except for that line about telling “scary ghost stories” – a practice from the Victorian era, but […]