He is Risen!

He is Risen! 1

Vulnerable. This is a word that describes quite well the human condition. This week we have witnessed national coverage of a horrific school shooting in Nashville and deadly tornadoes sweeping […]

Fishers of Men

Fishers of Men 2

How many words would it take to change your life? To inspire hope? To make you willing to sell everything you own and risk your life?  “Follow me, and I […]

The Best vs What is Popular

The Best vs What is Popular 3

At the beginning of each year, we hear the regular conversations around success and doing better and often the hidden “secrets” of navigating the stated goal or purpose. However, what […]

Christmas Playlist

Christmas Playlist 4

Do you have a Christmas playlist? Our EBC staff does, so I polled them to know their favorites, and at the end I’ll share their top choices and a maybe […]

The Blessing of the Local Church

The Blessing of the Local Church 5

One of the great blessings that the Lord has given to each of us is the local church. At times we refer to the local church as a family, a body, or […]

Power of God’s Word

Power of God's Word 6

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” The idiom once was taught to children as a way to disarm hurtful or spiteful words. But […]

A Response to ‘Roe v Wade’

A Response to 'Roe v Wade' 8

“We hold that Roe and Casey must be overruled.”[1] Like so many I was elated and moved to tears with thankfulness over this announcement. Thankful for those who have stood in […]


Lostness 9

“The world’s greatest problem is lostness.” Paul Chitwood, International Mission Board (IMB) president These words were offered as over 8,100 messengers gathered at the annual Southern Baptist Convention this past week to […]

The Family Table

The Family Table 10

My family dinner table will soon look different. With our daughter graduating, one chair will be empty more often than not. I am torn with mixed emotions. On one hand […]