Five Phase Plan for Reopening

Definitions and Explanations of Terms


Closed specifically means that we are unable to be in person or on campus. This is a difficult, but necessary choice to reduce risks, support governing authorities and give time to make the necessary steps to move forward. Online means that we have resources available to our congregation and although many ministry opportunities have been “closed,” they may be available online.


Throughout this process, we are learning every day, the new ways we can come together safely and how this virus operates. As we move forward, there will be guidelines and restrictions to help us be together as safely as possible – Through social distancing, limited access to the facilities and Personal Protection Equipment such as masks and gloves, etc. As we move forward, what and how we adjust will become clearer…


This means there are no restrictions related to COVID-19 and we are able to operate similarly as we did before.


Sunday morning worship only.

LifeGroups/Sunday School

This refers to LifeGroups on Sunday mornings. This may or may not include children’s preschool and nursery classes.

Nursery Through Preschool

Any nursery or preschool classes & activities. This may refer to any activities on Sundays or Wednesday nights. This does not include kindergarten.

Wednesday Night Activities

All activities for all ages on Wednesday Nights.

One-Time Gatherings

This refers to any group activities that are in smaller group settings and/or are activities outside of regular weekly activities. From committee meetings, ministry-specific events, trips and other gatherings that aren’t regular weekly activities. This is a separate category from weekly activities to allow ministries to safely schedule and organize a one-time occurrence.

Weekly Activities

All events/ small group activities that are open to our church and community that go beyond small group activities and occur regularly/ weekly such as Choirs, bands & ensembles, Children’s Worship, Prayer groups, Bible Study Groups and our regular Sunday night activities. These will take time to safely structure and organize to minimize risks. These ministries may plan a small group activity to focus on one-time event instead of trying to logistically plan for weekly occurrences…


All weddings and funerals that occur with the church facilities.

Outside Events

All events/ activities that are not Eastmont Baptist Church specific. This may refer to any activity scheduled for and/or led by anyone outside of the leadership of Eastmont Baptist Church. This includes club meetings, community gatherings, birthday parties, etc.

Five Phases to Re-Open Eastmont Baptist Church

Five Phase Plan for Reopening 1

Transitioning Between Phases

The Pastors are meeting weekly to pray, discuss and deliberate over the process of reopening Eastmont Baptist Church. Each Phase transition follows the following criteria among our Pastors. Prayer, Unity, Respect, Awareness and Volunteers. While there are not any experts, we must consider the advice of professionals within our congregation and beyond, taking into account new research that has and will be released, We need The Holy Spirit to unite our Pastoral leadership to have one voice, one direction, one plan to lead our church to be as safe as possible as we move forward…


for the Holy Spirit to guide and direct the Pastors of EBC.


among our Pastors over a plan that fits our congregation, community & campus.


to governing authorities over what is set by law and is supported by God’s Word as well as respect to supported medical and socio-economic research pertaining to what will be taking place within the upcoming phase.


within our community on national, state, county and congregational levels – looking at cases and mortality rates and how they affect our church and the upcoming phase.


in place, ready to move forward with the plan to begin the upcoming phase.

Phase 1

Began March 15

We submitted to governing authorities, closed our campus and began discussing and praying over what would be next. We met as church-wide staff as well as just Pastors.

Phase 2

Began June 7

We opened with an “Adjusted” outdoor service and the following Sunday began In-Person worship inside the Worship Center which would also be considered “Adjusted.” Through prayer, a unified plan, respecting governing authorities and multiple research findings, considering where we are with cases throughout our nation and having volunteers in place to see this plan through, we were ready to move forward with Phase 2. Phase 2 also includes an “Adjusted” version of One-Time Gatherings. This allows all ministerial areas of our church to meet without showing favoritism to any specific ministry. This means that any gathering of church members that would like to meet in-person is able through proper planning, communication and careful consideration by our Pastors.

Phase 3

Tentatively Begins July

In July, we are hopeful to start an “Adjusted” version of LifeGroups as well as an “Adjusted” version of Nursery through Preschool. The criteria for all phase transitions as stated above will be needed as well as observing church members cooperation with guidelines and the ability to manage the cleanliness of surfaces within our facilities.

Phase 4

To Be Determined

We currently do not have a goal date to open Phase 4 because we are still in the beginning stages of opening our campus to In-Person beyond church staff… In Phase 4, we hope to begin an “Adjusted” version of Wednesday Night Activities, Weekly Activities & Weddings/ Funerals. This is a big phase for EBC and will not be able to begin all of these simultaneously in the same week, but reasonably together as plans etc. permit… Moving into Phase 4 will require little to no risk of infection as well as membership cooperation and managing the cleanliness of surfaces.

Phase 5

To Be Determined

Once there is a vaccine in place and/or the threat of infection is removed, we can open up our campus and proceed without any COVID19 restrictions or guidelines.