Adult Ministry

Mission Statement: Ministering to families in order to strengthen family unity with the purpose of shaping Christ-centered homes.

The Eastmont Marriage & Family Ministry exists to proclaim the glory of God within the family unit. Because God designed marriage and families as a unique reflection of his character, we seek to help families succeed. Our goal is to encourage, enrich, & enjoy our families as they reflect God’s beautiful design. Through relevant classes and dynamic conferences, we believe we are not only impacting families now, but also impacting them for the future.


The Eastmont Men’s Ministry is an opportunity for men of all ages to participate, share, grow and serve.  All men are strongly encouraged to become involved with the many programs available.  The Men’s Chili Cook Off, Fellowship Breakfast, Carpenters for Christ, and the church wide men’s ministry sponsored “Wild Game Supper”.

These ministry opportunities not only provide a means to serve, but a time to grow, learn and mentor other men facing the challenges of the world.  The long term goal of this ministry is to develop smaller men’s groups and enabling these groups, not only serve, to understand the biblical purpose of Men.

Through this ministry and God’s blessing, our goal is to strengthen men spiritually.  In doing so, we grow men, family, community and “The Church”.

To become involved with the Eastmont Men’s Ministry:
contact Ronald Skipper at 334-398-0111 or email


The Eastmont Baptist Women’s Ministry seeks to simply connect women to God. We want to connect you to God through five key areas: discipleship, fellowship, worship, service, and evangelism. We believe each of these areas to be Bible endorsed. We strive to offer different events year round to keep our ladies connected to God. We hope you will join us soon and be blessed as your personal connection to God is made!

Women on Mission is a group in which ladies learn about missions, pray for our missionaries, and participate in hands-on ministry projects. It is a fun time of fellowship also (they always have yummy snacks!) Join them to take part in this special evening. There are two Women on Mission groups. The day group meets the third Monday of every month at 9:30 am and the night group meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 6:00 pm. For more information contact our WMU Director through the church office 334-277-6300.


Sundays at 9:45 a.m. adults meet for Life Groups. The power of the gospel is best experienced when believers discuss real-life issues and dig into God’s Word together in small groups.  


The Single Adult Ministry of Eastmont is a Christ-centered ministry with single adults 28 and above. Single Adults include never-marrieds, widowed, divorced, separated, and single parents.  They are involved in every area of ministry and service to our church.  There are certain programs or ministries specific to the needs of single adults, such as Divorce Care and premarital counseling.

Our single adults are involved in activities that include beach retreats, camping, canoe trips, dinners, concerts, theater, mystery trips, and more!  These types of activities meet the need for fellowship and recreation, but the Single Adult Ministry at Eastmont is more than just fun-filled activities — our ministry revolves around Sunday morning Bible study.


The Senior Adult Ministry at Eastmont Baptist Church seeks to provide many different types of ministries, activities, and events to help seniors grow in every area of their lives. “Forever Young” is a get together of senior adults for food and fellowship that meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 10 AM. They also take trips, do ministry, and encourage one another through fellowship.

Discipleship Pastor

Billy Dickey

Adult Ministry 1