Unity & Forgiveness: Words that hurt or heal

(sermon begins: 39:02)

Elevator principle:
You can lift people up
You can take people down.

How to encourage …
1. Our generosity builds unity
Acts 4:37  “He sold a field and brought the money to the apostles for to help those in need.”

2. Our being together builds unity.
Acts 9:27 “Then Barnabas brought Paul to the apostles and told them how Paul had been saved”

3. Serving together builds unity
– God has equipped all of us with special abilities. Bible calls these gifts.
– Serve in the church to make it stronger
– Serve outside the church to reach the lost

4. Forgiving others builds our unity
– Until you see yourself as a sinner, you will never see your need of a Savior.
– Until you realize the power of sin in you, you will never call on the power of Christ and others to help you