The Single Adult Ministry of Eastmont is a Christ-centered ministry with single adults 28 and above. Single Adults include never-marrieds, widowed, divorced, separated, and single parents.  They are involved in every area of ministry and service to our church.  There are certain programs or ministries specific to the needs of single adults, such as Divorce Care and premarital counseling.

Our single adults are involved in activities that include beach retreats, camping, canoe trips, dinners, concerts, theater, mystery trips, and more!  These types of activities meet the need for fellowship and recreation, but the Single Adult Ministry at Eastmont is more than just fun-filled activities — our ministry revolves around Sunday morning Bible study.

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The mission statement of our Single Adult Ministry is “Connecting Single Adults to Jesus Christ and His Church.”  The spiritual growth of our single adults is of utmost importance.  We have a great leadership team as well as talented Bible study teachers.  Many of our single adults serve as teachers or workers in other areas on Sundays.

Eastmont’s single adults are leading the way and encourage other age groups and ministry teams within the church to join them in an area of ministry and missions!  If you would like more information about our Singles Ministry please contact our Assistant Pastor, Art Long, at 277-6300 or email him at