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Bucks Abroad

As I write this article, Jamie and Lauren, with baby Maddox in tow, are preparing to return to South Asia. The Lord has gifted them eleven precious months with family, friends, and ministry partners here in the States and now it is time to GO again.

While leaving is bittersweet in some ways, I know they rejoice in fulfilling the calling that God has placed upon their family. Jamie and Lauren do not simply want to go, rather they are compelled to go. Nothing will bring them more satisfaction, fulfillment, and joy than to live in obedience to God’s perfect will. And for them, that means declaring the Gospel in South Asia.

But what does that mean for us? Their part is going. Our part is sending. Sending feels passive because we are so isolated from the Gospel frontlines, but it is anything but passive. We must pray. We must give. And we must go. That’s how we partner in Kingdom work together.

I hope you will take one of their new prayer cards (located throughout the church) to remind you of your role in this work. Also, take the opportunity to visit their website and sign up for their newsletter. Let us together fulfill the Great Commission for the glory of God!

password: chai&poha

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