The Tech Team is responsible for all of the audio/visual technical equipment within Eastmont. They are also responsible for the technical production of each service.  These teams also work the sound, lighting, and video for special performances and  special events.


Video Team


The video team is responsible for running the words on the screens for the congregation, running cameras during the Sunday morning services, and streaming our services on our website (viewable at this link) and recording services for our homebound members. Barry Prestage is in charge of the Video Team.

Sound Team

The sound team is responsible for setting the sound for all services and running the sound during each service. Shaun Thomas is in charge of the Sound Team.

Lighting Team
601204_10200116114238756_625786747_nThe lighting team responsible for lighting during all services and changing the lighting as needed during the service. Joseph Hooper is in charge of the Lighting Team.