10 for 10 Survey Update

We’re almost two full weeks into our TEN-FOR-TEN emphasis, asking Eastmont families (members and attenders) to join in casting a vision for what the next ten years might look like for our church in our community. We’ve already received dozens of responses ranging from young adults to senior adults. Seeing the responses roll in leaves me (and our church leadership) with only one word to describe our mindset moving forward: ENCOURAGED.

I know this publication is titled The Encourager and its purpose is to encourage its readers. But for today, we want you to know how encouraged WE ARE by YOU. Multi-generational churches face so many challenges moving forward. It’s common to expect each generation to have different needs to be met and passions to be pursued. The differing mindsets usually cause tension among the membership and stress on the leadership. But this TEN-FOR-TEN endeavor has, thus far, been a great source of stress relief for those of us who have seen the responses pouring in.

This is not to suggest complete unanimity in our dreams for Eastmont. We’re not all the same. We have different ideas on what will bring the most success for our church. Some of us are extremely optimistic. Others of us have expressed deep concern for several areas of ministry. But amid all the differences, there is an encouraging resolve being expressed in your hope that God has big plans for this church and YOU WANT TO BE PART OF IT!!! TEN-FOR-TEN will remain active through the month of March. If you have yet to submit your responses, there is still time for you to prayerfully do so.

For me personally, the desire our church family has expressed in seeing God’s Kingdom advance through Eastmont has been so comforting. The passions and visions articulated for Eastmont have already inspired a number of conversations by our leaders that will result in action very soon. For now, THANK YOU for ENCOURAGING our church leaders, and I pray that you are ENCOURAGED as you expectantly look ahead to all that God has planned for Eastmont for the next ten years and beyond.