Music Ministry

Throughout His Word, the Lord has made it evident that music and worship are an integral part of our relationship with Him.

Eastmont is blessed to have such a spirit-led group of talented servant/worship leaders of all ages.  From weekly worship services to special event performances/trips such as The Montgomery Passion Play, Eastmont’s Patriotic Celebration, & A Christmas Night Of Worship, this ensemble of ministries is actively engaged throughout our church and beyond.

Throughout His Word, the Lord has made it evident that music and worship are an integral part of our relationship with Him. 80% of the songs in the Bible are found in the book of Psalms. (a book of Songs) Psalms are the largest book in the center (the heart) of the Bible. It’s also one of the main sources from which the church has always drawn its praise hymns. Even in His final hours on the cross, Jesus quoted one of the Psalms when he cried out to His Father, “Eloi Eloi, Lama Sabachthani,” -Psalm 22:1. It is for us as it was for Jesus, God’s Word and His music

The Worship Choir

The worship choir fervently prepares several weeks in advance to lead Eastmont Baptist Church in worship every Sunday in the 10:30 am service as well as for special events throughout the year.

Psalm 66:2 states that we are to “Make His praise glorious” and they strive to do just that through authentic worship that is praise-driven and Christ-seeking; working to be found in the meaning of the message and not lost in the emotion of the music.

We would love to have you join us in sharing the love of our Lord through song. There’s a place for everyone in Eastmont’s Worship Choir!


No Auditions…rehearsals are every Wednesday at 6 pm in the Choir Suite.

Forever Young Choir

Music Ministry 1
The Forever Young Choir is a special part of our team that leads worship every Sunday morning during the 8:10 service. They regularly sing specials and are incorporated during special programs and holiday events.  They also minister through song for assisted living facilities.
Anyone is welcome to be a part of this wonderful gathering of saints dedicated to singing for the Lord; although this particular choir is geared towards our senior adults.
No Auditions…rehearsals are most Tuesdays at 9 am in the Choir Suite.

Handbell Choir

Music Ministry 2

Eastmont’s handbell choir spends many hours learning the music to be shared with our church family during Sunday morning services and special performances. 

No Auditions required, but the ability to read music is encouraged. Rehearsals are Sundays at 5 pm, September through May.

The Handbell Choir is directed by Danny McDonald.

Eastmont Orchestra

Music Ministry 3

Our Orchestra plays a pivotal role in leading our congregation and accompanying the worship choir in hymns of praise to our Lord. They not only accompany in worship on Sunday mornings, but they are pertinent in special events, holiday programs, and many other activities that are held at Eastmont Baptist.

Student instrumentalists, as well as adults, all have a place at Eastmont to fulfill the admonition found in Psalm 150… which begins with “Praise God in His sanctuary,” then continues on to list the instruments of praise and closes with… “Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord.”

If you play an instrument we would love to have you join our orchestra in practice at 6:15 pm every Wednesday evening!

Auditions are required, but laid back…rehearsals are every Wednesday at 6:15 pm in the Worship Center.

Tech Ministry

The Tech Ministry serves by providing high-quality sound, video, media, and lighting needs in order to enhance the worship experience at Eastmont Baptist Church.

People learn, experience life, and worship in different ways. Some people receive more out of music; others from creative visual displays; and others through the spoken word. It is our calling to enhance all of these areas so that people can draw closer to God. We have a passion to use technology to further the reach and impact of the Gospel. We have a great team of volunteers that help us accomplish this calling.

The audio team consists of running sound in the Sanctuary during our worship services, special events, and outside events. It also involves assisting with the audio mix to our live stream and video archive. It also provides assistive listening devices for the hearing impaired in our church.

The video team consists of running cameras in the Sanctuary through a controller in the video booth, doing the live video switching, playing videos during the service, providing a live stream of our services, and video recording our services. It also makes a DVD of each service that is then duplicated and provided to our shut-in members.

The presentation team operates the computers that control the lyrics, scriptures, and sermon notes that appear on our side and back screens. We use a program called ProPresenter for all of our song lyrics and scriptures. Basically, you follow the pastors as they go through the songs, scriptures, and sermon notes.

The lighting team consists of operating and programming the lighting system to better enhance the worship experience. We have 144 different lighting channels that can be programmed to operate separately and together to create scenes for worship services and special events.

No experience is necessary to be a part of the tech ministry here at Eastmont Baptist. If you have an interest in getting involved in our calling to “Equip people to be passionate servants of Jesus Christ”, please get involved today.

EBC Kidz Choir

From ages 3-kindergarten, our Preschool Choir learns through movement, rhythm, crafts, and bible study what it means to praise the Lord.

In Kidz Choir, our 1st-6th graders, begin to develop their abilities in music and worship through public speaking, choreographed movement, bible study, musical instruments, and singing too. These groups prepare to lead us in worship in their own way through musicals and special appearances throughout the year.

No Auditions…rehearsals are Sundays at 5 pm, August through January.


Students are only a few years from being “adults” and their hearts and talents have a place to grow musically and spiritually as they become the next generation of Worship Leaders… 

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.” (Matthew 5:14)

The Student Choir meets every Sunday at 4 pm and prepares to lead the church several times throughout the year. In the summer, they go on Student Choir Tour to do missions and grow closer as a worship team.

Quarterly, we have Student Jam, where Students learn new instruments, show off their unique skills and battle it out in the Battle of The Bands. This is where talented students are discovered, developed, and encouraged among their peers.

The Student Worship Band rehearses weekly and leads worship every Wednesday night for Time Out as well as joining the adults in leadership throughout the year.

Choir rehearsals are Sundays at 4 pm in the choir suite.

For more information on getting involved in any of the above ministries, please contact our music office at 420-6311 or 277-6300 or you can email us at

Worship Pastor

Lance Maddox

Music Ministry 4
Orchestra Director

Eddy Williams

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