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Authentic, Loving, Genuine Community

Thank you Eastmont Family!
You have called, texted, and messaged checking in on me and my family.
You have prayed for us and for our health.
You have provided for us by bringing meals and even a grocery run or two.
Coming to the end of my time of isolation (I found out that quarantine was the term for those who may have been exposed to COVID) I found so many reasons to be thankful.
This latest episode in our lives has given us one more reason to give thanks to the Father for the way you are allowing His love to be shown through you.
As we come upon the 1-year mark of experiencing life in a pandemic, we can each look around and see that perhaps community is one thing we all long for and few found.
One leader has recently written, Authentic, loving and genuine community are more scarce than they have ever been in our lifetime.
As I read those words from a leader of leaders this morning, I was both saddened and encouraged.
Saddened because I know this experience(or lack thereof) is actually more common than not in our current day.
Some around us may even declare that the only friend who never leaves is loneliness.
But I was also encouraged because I have seen and experienced authentic, loving, and genuine community here at EBC.
Eastmont Family, let me encourage you this week to ask the Father to lead you to someone that needs to experience authentic, loving and genuine community this week and love them as Christ has loved you

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