Avoiding Distractions and Focusing on Christ

Yesterday as the sun was beginning to set there was a murder of crows in the tree in one of our neighbor’s yards(no I didn’t discharge a firearm inside the city limits, but that’s what google says a group of crows is called). Like a knot of frogs, an ostentation of peacocks, or a parliament of owls (go ahead and ask Google or Alexa if I just made that up), the individual sounds from those crows were distinct to other crows, but to me, it was just a loud distraction that could have caused me to miss something important.

Some distractions are from without and simply put they garner our attention. But then there are the other distractions, those that arise from our daily lives. Some of those may be good things, like preparing a meal for a dear friend or making sure that someone has a particular need met. In Luke 10, Martha, a devoted friend of Jesus, found herself missing out on the important in exchange for what amounted to a mere distraction.

Friend, summer may well be the welcome reprieve for many of us when we can once again take a few days and maybe clear some of the distractions and hear again the call to love Jesus with our entire being. You see, for all believers, to faithfully follow and truly serve our Lord, we must first know what it is to love Him supremely.

So where do you go to find the renewal you know you desperately need? First, be intentional in both your private and corporate worship this week. Open the Bible, sit at the feet of our Savior, and learn of Him. Bend your knee spending time in prayer with Him; open your heart and sing unto Him. Then watch as the distractions which entice us away from our King begin to fade

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