Basketball Ministry

Each week, dozens of individuals come to Eastmont to play basketball on the church’s outdoor basketball courts. During the height of the pandemic, our courts were locked up, and no one was able to play. Since reopening, the numbers of players have steadily increased, and one group of Eastmont men recognized this as an open door for ministry.

Travis Jordan, Eric Hill, and Evan Grant saw God was blessing our church with countless individuals from our community, and they responded by organizing a way to connect with and share the gospel with these men and women. Evan shares, “I have always loved basketball. God was providing a way for basketball to be a means of connection with unchurched men and women. We just realized we needed to be obedient to His purpose.” The three met to discuss strategies, and after praying they reached out to others in our church family who have an interest in the sport of basketball.

One Sunday afternoon each month, the ministry team provides drinks and prepares hot dogs on the grill. A few Eastmont men join in a pick-up game, while others speak to those awaiting their turn to play. As the sun sets, the ministry team shares a short testimony and gospel prayer, then everyone shares a meal. Eric Hill says, “We want them to know Christ loves them and so does Eastmont. We’re here for them however we can be.”

God has repeatedly shown He wants His people to use what He has given for His glory. Moses used his shepherd staff. David used his slingshot. Eastmont is using its basketball court. If we are going to advance God’s Kingdom, we must start HERE. Team member, Grayson Blackwell, shares, “I think this is a great way to find common ground with the community around us. We aren’t just a building with a court, but we are a church where they’re welcomed.”