Called to Connect

On Sunday, January 9th, the Eastmont Women’s Ministry team hosted the event, Called to Connect. Gina Bowling was the event speaker and she shared that “we are called to be helpers and life-givers, developing relationships as spiritual mothers and daughters. We are called to connect.” The event was a reminder that ALL women at Eastmont are a part of Women’s Ministry and their presence on campus through groups and ministries is an encouragement and ministry in and of itself. They are able to connect with other women at Eastmont through various ministries and groups.

The purpose of the event was to provide information about the different ministries and groups available to women of all ages at Eastmont. There were approximately 165 ladies in attendance, ranging in ages from 12 to 80+. Gina challenged women with a charge to be disciple-makers. “Older women modeling and training younger women is a form of discipleship, and Christ calls us to be disciple-makers. And when we’re living lives in obedience to the Great Commission by making disciples, the hope is that those disciples will go and make more disciples.”

And in case the younger ladies in the room thought she was referring to senior adults, she pointed out that every woman is “older” to someone, even the youngest girl. Every lady who attended the event received an Eastmont Women’s Ministry Guide booklet containing information about opportunities for women at Eastmont. These booklets can be found throughout the church. 

If you would like to stay updated on opportunities for women through Eastmont, follow us on Facebook at Eastmont Women’s Ministry where the various ministries will be spotlighted over the next few weeks. You can also contact Tracie Klepac at 334-303-4710 for more information.