Pastor Search Update

Thank you for your continued prayers for our Pastor Search Team — composed of Brian Clements, Courtney Corum, Travis Jordan, Cindy Pitts, David Seay, Jerry Short, and myself. After a break for the Christmas holidays, the Pastor Search Committee recently met and is accepting resumes for our Senior Pastor Position. The job description has been […]

A Statement From Your Pastor Search Committee

To Our Eastmont Family: On Sunday, November 10, Eastmont’s pastor search committee informed the church of the decision by our prospective pastor to withdraw from serving Eastmont.  The committee learned of this decision on Saturday, November 9.  The withdrawal resulted from unforeseen circumstances related to concerns raised to the committee a few days prior.  Since […]

Pastor Search Update

Since our last update, the Pastor Search Committee — composed of Brian Clements, Courtney Corum, Travis Jordan, Cindy Pitts, David Seay, Jerry Short, and chairman, Brian Key —has been meeting on weekly basis. During this time we have reviewed and discussed more than 230 resumes. We have also prayerfully narrowed them down to around 20 […]

Interim Search Committee Announcement

On Sunday, 4/28, Bro. Mike announced his retirement date as Sunday, June 16th, about six weeks from now. While the Pastor Search Committee has been working diligently since December, their deliberate process does not have them within six weeks of calling a pastor. The Administrative Deacons, recognizing a need for continuity between the time Bro. […]

March Update

Since our last update in the Encourager, the Pastor Search Committee has been meeting with the staff ministers individually to gain input about qualities to look for in a senior pastor. We have also developed a fasting guide and the Eastmont Senior Pastor job description. Both of these documents are accessible here at Eastmont website. […]

Pastor Search Committee Update

On January 17th, Eastmont’s Pastor Search committee met with Bro. Mike Jackson from the Alabama State Board of Missions (ALSBOM) for over two hours. He is the resource there who works with Alabama Baptist churches in pastoral transitions. He shared a wealth of information that he has gained over many years of assisting churches in […]

January Update

The Eastmont Pastor Search Committee that was approved by the church at the regularly scheduled business meeting on Wednesday, November 28th, has already had a couple of meetings. That committee is composed of Cindy Pitts, Courtney Corum, Brian Clements, Travis Jordan, David Seay, Jerry Short, and chairman, Brian Key. We have established regular weekly meeting […]