Getting Back to Normal

Getting Back to Normal 1

Getting back to normal!? It has been truly encouraging to see so many of our Eastmont family coming back to in-person worship and LifeGroups. Seeing and listening to so many of you over the last several weeks has given me an excitement about the future and potential of EBC to reach our community with the Gospel of Jesus […]

He is Risen!

He is Risen! 2

He is risen! He is risen, indeed!  These words comprise one of the oldest and most hope-filled greetings among followers of Christ Jesus. The greeting is based upon the retelling of the events on the road to Emmaus by two of the disciples (Luke 24:13 – 35). As these two retell the events, they declare to all the […]

Thanks for Praying, Giving, and Going

Give Thanks

First I want to say thanks for being such a great church family. Easter was a great time of worship and fellowship! I enjoy accidental funny headlines. Here is one: Two Sisters Reunite After 18 Years at Checkout Counter Easter Sunday is like a reunion. Worship was clearly focused on God. An audience of One […]

The Lite Church

The Lite Church 3

The church billboard advertised itself as: The Lite Church Half the Gospel of Other Churches It continued: 24% fewer commitments 7.5% tithe 3 of 4 Spiritual Laws Worship every other Sunday As this goes to print, it begins the 75th year since Dietrich Bonhoeffer was executed at age 36. He was an anti-Nazi dissident and […]

Hold on Pain Ends

Hold on Pain Ends 4

Like every loving church, we hurt when others hurt and we support one another. In recent days we have shared pain and memories of pain. Found this artwork, and I liked its intention to give hope. But in some cases, the pain may not ever completely end. As far as we know Paul’s “thorn in […]

Fishing for Forgiveness and Family

Fishing for Forgiveness and Family 5

I found some funny sayings about fishermen this week: Good Things Come to Those Who Bait It’s Fish O’Clock Somewhere Fisherman: A Jerk on One End of a Line Waiting for a Jerk on the Other End of the Line With no dad in my life, my first fishing trip occurred through a deacon/neighbor named […]

Our method must change, but never our message.

Our method must change, but never our message. 6

When you serve others, God changes lives and the first one He changes is yours. My grandchildren are learning knock-knock jokes. Knock Knock. ~ Who’s there? ~ Olive ~ Olive who? ~ I love you too! Knocking on doors to invite someone to church used to be fairly common. Today, people are told not to […]

Jesus and Me or Jesus and We?

Jesus and Me or Jesus and We? 7

“Jesus and me” is essential. “Jesus and We” is disciple-making. Let me explain. I only met Billy Graham once. This funny story was told at a banquet. He and some friends were once robbed while traveling. However, the robber did not demand any money from Billy Graham. It was so puzzling that a conversation followed. […]

The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree 8

While arranging a bookshelf I rediscovered a wonderful book given to me years ago by my mother-in-law. It is called The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. It is a fictional book about a tree that loved a boy. I’ve condensed it to fit here. Here is the basic story. As a child, the boy swung […]

Lawn Chair Larry

Lawn Chair Larry 9

I always laugh when I hear this story. He became known as Lawn Chair Larry. Sitting around doing nothing, he wanted some adventure. What he did was almost unbelievable. Before I tell Larry’s crazy story, let me remind you that God does expect his children to be busy and serve others. Someone said you can’t […]