Christ-Centered Education

It’s been a busy three months for Eastmont ChristianKindergarten! Our 3-, 4-, and 5-year-olds have enjoyed learning about opposites, rhyming, shapes, colors, farms, our country, and fire safety. We are always working on letters and numbers, and you should hear these small children recite their memory verses. We have regular Bible stories, playtime and we sing and say the Pledge of allegiance every day. Recently we added a music teacher to our staff and the children enjoy going to music twice a week. Soon we will be adding a PE teacher to make our Fridays extra fun!

Your support and encouragement has meant so much to us this year. Registration will begin in January for the 2022-2023 year.

Christ-Centered Education 1

If you came to the church on a Thursday this fall, you would have found the west side of the building bustling with activity. This is the first year that we have hosted Academy Days Co-op. Academy Days is a Christian-based co-op, serving the homeschool community. Co-op classes are a cooperative effort among members by working together on subjects that are difficult to teach at home or best taught in group settings. Classes such as art, theatre, science, PE, creative writing, and many more are offered, and the co-op spans from pre-through 12th grade. After being shut down from Covid, they found themselves in need of a new facility to hold their classes and Eastmont graciously agreed to host. Academy Days currently serves 59 families with a total of 124 students. The leadership as well as all the families involved are grateful that the Lord opened the door to be at Eastmont each week.

Christ-Centered Education 2

On Thursdays, our student pastor, Cleve, has an opportunity to minister to students in an innovative way. Several families who utilize homeschooling for their teens approached Cleve to gauge interest in teaching a weekly class that would satisfy a course requirement for the student but also provides an opportunity for discipleship. Cleve has spent the first semester leading ten students through an overview of the Old Testament and is preparing for another semester where students will be led in developing a Gospel-driven Worldview. When asked about this undertaking, Cleve said, “I always look to see God’s Kingdom appearing, providing an opportunity for disciple-making. To invest in these students has been a blessing for me, and I am grateful for how Eastmont enables me to make disciples outside the usual Sunday-Wednesday context.”