Please see our Campus Map if you need help finding rooms.

Adult Classes – Old Building

(* indicates class is upstairs)

College – Room 402*
Taught by: Brian & Donna Key, Mark & Cathy Luker, Eric & Heather Hill

Young Career – Room 116
Taught by: Mike & Tracie Klepac and Thomas & Courtney Courm

Career / Young Married – Room 110
Taught by: Beth Gillem, Wayne Brown, Bobby & Vicki Mozingo

Singles 30s-50s – Room 114
Taught by: Art Long

Young Adult Co-Ed – Room 207
Taught by: Phil Redding & Travis Norwood

Young Adult Co-Ed – Room 120
Taught by: Travis Jordan, Garrett Payton

Median Co-Ed – Room 129
Taught by: David Seay

Median Co-Ed – Room 118
Taught by: Troy Hughes

Median Co-Ed – Room 205
Taught by: Jerry Short

Median Co-Ed – Fellowship Hall (South Wing)
Taught by: Dennis Long

Median Co-Ed – Room 122
Taught by: Mark Redden

Median Ladies – Room 112
Taught by: Vickie Lavender

Senior Adult Co-Ed – Fellowship Hall (North Wing)
Taught by: Wayne Meadows


Adult Classes – New Building

(* indicates class is upstairs)

Young Senior Co-Ed – Room 912*
Taught by: Rick Jones

Young Senior Co-Ed – Room 904*
Taught by: Roy Black

Young Senior Co-Ed – Room 903*
Taught by: Byron Golden

Young Senior Co-Ed – Room 909*
Taught by: Jeannette Long

Young Senior Co-Ed – Room 917 A*
Taught by: Jim Reaves & Marge Korb

Adult Co-Ed – Room 918*
Taught by: Wayne Blackwell

Young Senior Co-Ed – Room 804
Taught by: Carol Hyland & Kathy Pressley

Young Senior Men – Room 907*
Taught by: Bob Nielsen and Fred Conway

Senior Co-Ed – Room 808
Taught by: Earl Mills, Chuck Stickle and David Mills

Senior Ladies – Room 811
Taught by: Barbara Harris and Amy Seale

Senior Ladies – Room 806
Taught by: Kathleen Oswalt

Senior Men – Room 809
Taught by: Robert Strickland and Bob Harris