Coming Soon: Bible Drill!

I am so excited to announce that during the 2022-2023 school year we are participating in Bible Drill! We are using Lifeway’s Program, “Bible Skills, Drills, andThrills,” on Wednesday nights to help our kids with their knowledge of the Bible. This year our church has had an emphasis on God’s Word through our #KnowTheWord campaign and this isn’t just for the adults. We know it is so important that our kids have a knowledge, understanding, and love for God’s Word. 

This program has a lot of games and activities that help kids learn the books of the Bible, the sections of the Bible, Bible verses, and Bible passages. We want our kids to have fun and learn the Bible at the same time. “Bible Skills, Drills, and Thrills” isn’t just activities, but also has a Bible story element that follows along with the key passages each week.

Finally, we will continue missions education by having a missions rotation where we will continue to learn about missionaries in this country and around the world! With Bible Drill coming back, that means that competitions are also coming back. We get to partner with both the MBA and ALSBOM for Regional and State Bible Drill competitions. In fact, on Sunday, April 23, 2023, Eastmont will be hosting theRegional Bible Drill for the Montgomery area.

We are so excited for all that God is going to do in the lives of our children through Bible Drill!

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