Don’t Give Up

When we began our journey through this #KnowTheWord campaign, we welcomed the challenge with eagerness and optimism. Eastmont rallied around the thought that not only were we going to SAY we are shaped by Scripture, we were going to truly BE shaped by Scripture. Early on, we held firm on that desire. Each week, church members shared their thoughts on the previous week’s readings. On Wednesdays, students and adults arrived to the church campus with questions on peculiar passages and new appreciation for biblical heroes of the faith. That was during the winter, when life was slower and priorities were aligned with where they ought to be.

But we know how we are!! Now it’s spring. Now it’s beautiful outside, and there are so many more activities and events beckoning for our attention and our devotion. Sports have come and gone, vacations are looming, and the daily/weekly routines for many of our families is changing from the usual school year schedule. DON’T GIVE UP!!

There is never a moment in your Christian faith where your desire to grow deeper in relationship with Christ is easily accomplished. To be and become Christlike goes against every ounce of our flesh and its worldly desires. Our enemy is not only immorality and sinful activities. Most often, our greatest hindrance to spiritual depth is our very selves. This is whyJesus describes the first step in following Him not as a denial of “satan” or of “sin.” He says you must first deny your “self” (Matt. 16:24; Mark 8:34; Luke 9:23). When we are tempted to give up, we must instead deny that fleshly desire. The irony of it all is that by denying our flesh, we actually replenish our soul. Jesus doesn’t merely call us to say NO, he’s actually inviting us to say YES to that which will last and be of far greater value.

This summer, don’t quit. If you’ve fallen behind, pick up where we are. Let’s continue this journey together and #KnowTheWord.