Easter Every Day

Easter weekend at Eastmont was incredible. On Good Friday we focused on the cross of Christ. We read the story of His suffering, sang of the atoning blood of Jesus, and partook of the Lord’s Supper together. On Sunday, we celebrated theResurrection with joyful exuberance. We arrived with eager anticipation to worship King Jesus. In both worship services we saw significant increases in attendance. Our voices sang louder than the typical Sunday. The music seemed more beautiful and emotionally stirring than usual. The sermon was clearly articulated and personally convicting. We smiled more. We hugged more. We said, “Hello,” and, “It’s great to see you today,” more than usual. We departed from Eastmont with our hearts full and our spirits united in our devotion to Jesus Christ.

But, sadly, for many of us, Easter Sunday is only one day. It’s the one day of the year we’re all willing to make the extra effort to prioritize worship and church activity over all else. But why can’t Easter Sunday be every Sunday? Better yet, every day?! Sure, seersucker suits and bright, pastel dresses would become a bit overdone. So, for now, let’s forget the cultural nuance of the holiday. On Easter, we are united as the people of God around one central theme: the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Across the entirety of Christendom, regardless of nationality or ethnicity, regardless of musical preference or political divisions, we all recognize that the most important event of human history is the source of our hope and the foundation of our salvation.

Truthfully, though, the resurrection of Christ is a reality that permeates EVERY day we live, EVERY word we speak, EVERY decision we make. We call every Sunday the “LORD’s day,” because Jesus rose on a Sunday! We are called not to merelyREMEMBER Jesus but to FOLLOW Jesus. He is not dead in a tomb, but He is ALIVE. He actively intercedes on our behalf.The Spirit gives us life so we may carry on Christ’s mission of reconciliation. Today, and every day, celebrate Easter with your families! Celebrate Easter with your coworkers! Celebrate Easter with your neighbors! Celebrate Easter with your church! Celebrate not just with singing or pictures or candy. Celebrate Easter every day by believing in the power of the resurrection and telling others the good news of Jesus, the Risen Christ. Happy Easter to you, every day!