Eastmont Bus Ministry to Resume

It’s one more indication that we are coming through the other side of the pandemic! Eastmont’s Bus Ministry resumed on Sunday, June 6th.

Lynn Logan has been riding the bus to church since the ministry first began. She had depended on the bus ministry to be able to come to church, but when the pandemic hit and Eastmont had to suspend worship and LifeGroups on campus, the bus ministry was also suspended. Lynn says, “It’s my only way to get to church. If the bus doesn’t run, I can’t get there.” It has been more than a year since Lynn has been to church and she is ready to be back with her faith family!

This ministry provides transportation to LifeGroups and worship for senior adults who live in retirement homes. Paul Blake is one of the men who faithfully serve in this ministry. “I always enjoy providing transportation to our church family who cannot drive themselves to worship. It’s an important ministry that Eastmont provides that I’m proud to be a small part of.”

Are you a senior adult who is living in a retirement apartment or know a senior adult living in a retirement apartment who needs transportation to church on Sundays? Perhaps you would be willing to serve through this ministry by being a driver. Call Karen in the church office for more information.