Goodwyn Middle School Partnership

Last year Eastmont began a partnership with Goodwyn Middle School. This year they have a new principal and several new teachers, but the same need for a partner to walk with them through the school year, providing encouragement and support. We have already had two opportunities to serve before the school year starts, and we are excited about future opportunities!

August 2nd was the first day of work for teachers. Eastmont welcomed them with Chick-fil-A breakfast.

Goodwyn Middle School Partnership 1

A group of volunteers went to the school to assemble 65 resource bags for teachers.

Goodwyn Middle School Partnership 2

Here’s how you can be involved:

  • Monday, August 8th – Prayer walk at the school at 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday, August 9th – Welcome students on their first day @ 7:00 am
  • Saturday, August 27th – Painting project as a part of Day of Service
  • Sign up to be a Prayer Warrior and send monthly encouragement notes to a staff member. Call Karen in the church office.

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