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GrowthTrack+ is an approach to disciple making developed from challenges faced from COVID-19.  Much of our approach to students’ spiritual growth relied on weekly, in-person gatherings.  When our ability to gather was reduced, our spiritual growth lessened. GrowthTrack+ is on-demand, weekly Scripture intake prepared by the student pastor available online to anyone seeking to grow in their walk with Christ. 

Participants place themselves into one of four stages corresponding to their spiritual journeys in Christ.  As the year moves forward, students may be encouraged to change to a new stage.  The weekly Scripture is the same across all stages, but the responsive challenges increase with each progressive stage.  By choosing to join, you covenant with your student pastor and with Christ to strive to make spiritual growth a priority in your life.  Before signing up, pray! Read each stage, carefully considering your stage in your journey. Our GrowthTrack+ journey will begin February 1.

Stage 1: Encounter

ENCOUNTER consists of those who were recently, or for the first time in a long time, introduced to the message of the Gospel of Christ. He or she may be new to the church, or may have lived their entire lives in a church context.  There is interest in the Gospel of Jesus Christ combined with questions needing answers. 

Stage 2: Follow

FOLLOW consists of those who have received the gospel message having publicly professed their faith in Jesus as Lord.  He or she should have been (or should be working toward being) baptized by immersion, symbolizing their new life in Christ and desire for membership with a covenant community of believers. The “Follower” is developing a trust relationship where he or she demonstrates desire to KNOW Christ more in order to honor Christ in daily decisions. 

Stage 3: Transform

TRANSFORM consists of those who demonstrate a Kingdom mindset in their daily choices.  Rather than being driven by their own natural impulses, they instead are driven by the Spirit of God, always considering the impact their decisions have on advancing of the Kingdom of God.

Stage 4: Multiply

MULTIPLY consists of those who understand and take seriously the call of God to be a disciple who makes disciples.  Multiplication involves not only a personal commitment to holiness but a personal commitment to the pursuit of holiness by others. A concern for the salvation of others is accompanied by a burden to be used by the LORD as a catalyst for others coming to know Him by faith.

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