Missions night

International Missions Night

Sunday, December 4th, begins our International Mission Board’s “Week ofPrayer for International Missions.” Eastmont will begin the week with aMissions Night Celebration that evening beginning at 5:00 pm. This year’s focus is the Philippines. There will be activities for all ages as we learn about Filipino culture and what God is doing through IMB missionaries in the Philippines.

Our preschoolers will be on the preschool hall, and children in grades 1-6 will be on the hallway going toward the basketball court. They will have the opportunity to sample Filipino foods and Filipino candy. And since we know children can be picky, we will have plenty of pizza for them to enjoy for supper (even though it’s not Filipino). Our preschoolers will “travel” to the Philippine islands and hear the story of how one Filipino family received the help they desperately needed and learned the message of Jesus.

Grades 1-6 will play Piko, a popular game that is played by children in the Philippines. They will also learn about the culture from an Eastmont member who is Filipino. They will learn about missionaries who currently serve in the Philippines and how the Lottie Moon Christmas offering helps them as they share the message of Jesus.

Students and adults will gather in Fellowship Hall for a Filipino meal. Don’t worry! It won’t be anything too eccentric, odd. We will learn about the country, the culture, and how Christmas is celebrated in the Philippines. You may even learn to say “Merry Christmas” in one or more Filipino languages! We will hear about religion and the challenges that missionaries face in sharing the gospel in the Philippines. And along with all that we learn about the Philippines, we will also be reminded of the life and legacy of Lottie Moon and how her commitment to the gospel continues to shape our commitment to missions as a church family.

Mark your calendars and make sure you don’t miss this special Missions Night Celebration.

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