Join LifeGroups

What if I told you that God created you to live in relationship with other believers? What if I told you that your relationships with other believers will impact your spiritual growth and theirs? What if I told you that there are people who are perfectly gifted to walk with you through the best and worst of seasons and even in the mundane times? What if I told you that you are one of those people for someone else? And what if I told you this isn’t just an ideal scenario but it actually exists? 

Two weeks ago I attended a luncheon for a couple that was moving closer to their family after being in the sameLifeGroup for a few decades. During that time, I watched and listened as memories were shared amidst laughter and tears. I watched as individuals said good-bye for now and at the same time reminded one another of the hope and joy we will one day share as our gracious and merciful Lord “will wipe away every tear.” Now to be sure this was no one-way street, this couple had invested in others and allowed those same people to invest in their lives as well. What a blessing to watch the Johnsons and their LifeGroup live out the truth that “by this everyone will know that you are My [Jesus’] disciples, if you have love for one another.” 

Meaningful relationships where spiritual growth, mutual concern and care, and opportunities to serve others are plentiful may not be commonplace in our modern culture. But here at Eastmont, we have such places – we call them LifeGroups. Don’t get me wrong, I know we aren’t perfect, and sometimes our best efforts seem like they’re not enough. But LifeGroups are a vehicle where we want to provide the opportunity for everyone who attends EBC to connect with their church family, grow in their faith, and go serve our community and world. 

If you are currently not a part of a LifeGroup please contact the church office so we can help you find a group.