Join the Choir

Calling all worship leaders…

You may think that “if you can sing, you should join the choir…” However, choir is a place for musicians AND “not so much” musicians. It’s a place where you can worship, grow, fellowship, share, and serve. It’s less about music and more about creating, preparing, and leading an environment that points to Jesus by using God’s Word and principles taken from His Word and setting them to music. The Choir’s goal is to express God’s worth and lead the church to live lives worthy of the title, CHRISTian. Cheesy, but true!

Do you want a place to serve? Join the choir.

Do you want to fellowship? Join the choir.

Do you want to laugh and have fun? Join the choir. Do you want to grow in your understanding of worship? Join the choir.

Do you want to find new ways to put biblical principles in your heart and mind? Join the choir.

Do you want to be obedient to God’s Word: to sing praise, to build up your fellow believers, to be an active participant in the body of Christ?

Maybe, you should…JOIN THE CHOIR!

Come and join us on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 pm in the choir suite, located directly behind the choir loft.

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