What is Know the Word?

#KnowTheWord is Eastmont’s challenge to every believer to read the entire canon of Christian Scripture in one calendar year.  The plan for this endeavor resulted from the Spiritual Disciplines message series in 2021, where we were reminded of the importance for every believer to intentionally spend time reading the Word of God, which has the power to transform us individually and collectively. 

How Does it Work?

#KnowTheWord is a six-day-per-week reading plan that progresses through the Bible chronologically and thematically from Creation to the Revelation. The chronological/thematic structure will differ from the common arrangement of Scripture in our Bibles; however, the text itself does not change in any way.  For example, the reading plan we employ will begin with Genesis 1-2 followed by John 1 and Psalm 8.  Each of these passages discusses God’s act of creation.  Then, once readers complete the book of Genesis, rather than immediately progressing to Exodus, the book of Job is next. Job most likely takes place in a time nearer to that of the patriarchs like Abraham and Isaac, therefore it makes sense for readers to encounter it following Genesis

What you need to know:

Beginning Sunday, January 2nd, several items will be available in the front foyer at Eastmont (and on the website).  Each of these items is a tool to help you be successful in this endeavor and is free to every family or participant who chooses to use them. The following tools will be available:

  • Reading Plan Bookmark This bookmark contains the official day-by-day reading plan for the first six weeks of the campaign.  New bookmarks will be provided as the reading campaign progresses. 
  • Scripture Reading Companion This is a small binder that each family can use to help gain a greater understanding of Scripture. Each week of the campaign, as readers encounter new books of the Bible, Eastmont will provide a book overview page discussing the structure, authorship, and context of the book.  Readers can take that page and insert it into their binder throughout the year. This will be a helpful tool to keep forever. If you miss a Sunday, don’t worry. The overviews will remain available several weeks at a time.
  • Eastmont Website/Social Media In addition to the physical tools provided, we will keep readers updated here as well as on Facebook. Throughout the year, we will use discussion questions, videos, and more to keep readers engaged with the Word and with one another. 

Additional Resources