March Update

Since our last update in the Encourager, the Pastor Search Committee has been meeting with the staff ministers individually to gain input about qualities to look for in a senior pastor. We have also developed a fasting guide and the Eastmont Senior Pastor job description. Both of these documents are accessible here at Eastmont website.

The Committee has chosen to fast periodically, we plan to food fast this Wednesday in preparation for our weekly meeting. Please feel free to join us in this effort, if you are medically able to do so. Or, if you are fasting from something other than food, please use that free time to pray for us and continue to study I & II Timothy and Titus. We are grateful to Cleve Mallory, and Art Long who published videos to support our studies of I & II Timothy. We look forward to Gene Kim’s videos on the book of Titus in March.

The Senior Pastor job description was posted last Friday (3/1) on our website, and we are receiving resumes. Also, we are reaching out to other state Conventions and Baptist seminaries to post the job description.

The committee, which meets at least weekly, is composed of Cindy Pitts, Courtney Corum, Brian Clements, Travis Jordan, David Seay, Jerry Short, and chairman, Brian Key. Please continue to pray for us.