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Missions Isn’t Just for Grown-ups

Missions is so much at the heart of the Church that we can’t just think of it as one aspect of the Church, but rather as its defining essence. If missions cease, the Church has not just failed, it has ceased being the church. That’s why educating our young ones about missions is so important.

Eastmont provides an awesome opportunity on Wednesday nights to preschoolers through 6th graders for missions discipleship through Mission Friends (preschoolers), RAs (1st-6th grade boys), and GAs (1st-6th grade girls). Each month they learn about a missionary family as well as study a Bible lesson related to missions. The curriculum that is used allows our boys and girls to learn about missions, pray for missions, give to missions, be involved in hands-on projects, and participate in the work of the Church. They learn to grow closer to God, while also learning their part in the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20.

Our kids get the opportunity to learn about different countries, cultures, languages, and customs. Through stories, pictures, and games they learn how missionary families build relationships with others so they can then share the gospel with them. Children learn how they can demonstrate the love of Christ to people with whom they come in contact every day. Through projects, such as collecting items for missionaries and food for the local food pantry, they see that they are old enough to be involved in mission work even as a child.

Many of the missionaries our children learn about each month were once involved in Mission Friends, RAs, or GAs as children. Eastmont has seen several of our kids grow up to be full-time mission workers. Eastmont has made the commitment to disciple our children in missions. The curriculum theme this year is BE BOLD. Won’t you partner with us as we “train up our children in the way they should go” and to be bold in their faith?

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