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Our Citizenship is in Heaven

Have you ever noticed the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office here in Montgomery? My regular commute drives by this building, and, on occasion, I’ll see someone getting their picture taken outside by the sign. Whether man or woman, old or young, without a doubt, every person I’ve seen is beaming with pride as they stand ready to get their photo snapped.

Now, I don’t know what has just transpired to make them feel this way. I assume it is because this person has just received their green card, or perhaps they have obtained their U.S. citizenship. In either case, this person who was previously unable to stay in America was granted the right to live and work for as long as they desired. Considering it takes roughly two years to obtain a green card, and three-to-five years to obtain U.S. citizenship, you can understand why those who successfully complete the process are so happy and prideful afterwards.

As the son of immigrant parents, I can understand some of what they are feeling. My parents worked very hard to come to America and then to obtain their citizenship. I wouldn’t be where I am apart from their efforts. And I am so thankful that they did.

But as a son of my heavenly Father, I feel pride on another level. I am a son of the one true King, and I am a citizen of the everlasting Kingdom. Have you ever thought about the implications of this? So many of us spend so much energy trying to be a part of something. We change our ways, and we alter our identity, trying to be someone that will fit in. But the only group that’s ultimately worth being a part of invites us to come just as we are. Maybe it’s a good time to ask yourself which kingdom am I really trying to be a part of? And to which kingdom do I belong? If it’s the Lord’s, then let’s live like it.

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