Our method must change, but never our message.

When you serve others, God changes lives and the first one He changes is yours.

My grandchildren are learning knock-knock jokes.

Knock Knock. ~ Who’s there? ~ Olive ~ Olive who? ~ I love you too!

Knocking on doors to invite someone to church used to be fairly common. Today, people are told not to open their doors to strangers. Plus people like their privacy and don’t want to feel pressured. So how do we reach people? It takes creativity, sensitivity, patience, and much prayer. Our method must change, but never our message.

Servant evangelism is one way. Acts of kindness and thoughtfulness can make an impact. Pastor Mike Thomas tells how his Grandmother Miller became a believer because someone voluntarily shoveled snow from her driveway. After the death of two husbands, she was bitter toward God. Pastor Thomas says, “This one act of kindness melted the icicles on Grandma’s heart and washed away decades of bitterness.”

Last week our Women’s Ministry led in a Day of Service. In multiple locations, they cleaned, repaired, organized and improved living and working conditions for others. It made a difference for others but also in their own hearts. When you serve others, God changes lives and the first one He changes is yours.

I once gave up my seat on an overbooked flight to a family. I did it reluctantly. I was tired and it would make me late for a meeting at a seminary. Then God reminded me, “Your own soul is nourished when you are kind; it is destroyed when you are cruel.” (Proverbs 11:17) Immediately afterward I felt a warmth and contentment. I was late for my seminary meeting, but all I missed was a free meal in the school cafeteria (which was probably another blessing). When you serve others, God changes lives and the first one He changes is yours.

When it comes to reaching the lost, we have picked the low hanging fruit. There is still a lot of fruit on the tree. It’s just going to take more ladders and more work. But when we do the possible, God does the impossible.

You are an amazing, caring church. I’ve watched you consistently serve to reach the lost. Keep up your praying, your giving to missions and your servant evangelism. Obedience is our responsibility. The outcome is God’s.

Knock Knock ~ Who’s there? ~ Candice ~ Candice who? ~ Candice door open or what?

Yes, doors can be opened through servant evangelism. And so will hearts.

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