Pastor Appreciation Month

October is Pastor Appreciation Month and Eastmont has much to appreciate in this group of men that God brought together to lead Eastmont! Leading a church the size of Eastmont in the best of circumstances is not easy, but leading her through a global pandemic has been particularly challenging. They have had to make unprecedented decisions that balanced both the spiritual and physical health of our church in extraordinary circumstances. For that alone, we are grateful! 

Their love for our Lord and for Eastmont is unquestionable. While they want to see our church grow in numbers, it is a greater desire of their hearts to see us grow as disciples who then make disciples. Kingdom growth is a priority for our pastors. For this passion, we are also grateful! 

Most church members don’t see the hours that their respective ministries require or the sacrifices they make. We don’t realize how often their time with family is interrupted by calls or texts because they never complain about it nor do they resent it. They simply love us well. 

During this month of “Pastor Appreciation,” take some time to let our pastors know how grateful you are for all they do and for who they are to us!

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