Praying for Guatemala

Many of you might be wondering: “Why is Eastmont not going to Guatemala this year?” Before I answer that question let me tell you about some of the reasons why we do go.

I’ve spoken before about the people, how kind, welcoming and loving they are. But then there are the practical and missional reasons. Practically, this is a trip that can accommodate a teenager up to great-grandmothers. There is some physical activity but not anything someone in decent physical shape cannot endure.

And then missionally, Guatemala is a place where we can be strategic about partnering with a church. Sometimes missions looks like a group swooping in and sharing the Gospel, then leaving without any plan for discipling the ones they reached. We understand our calling is to make disciples and not simply converts, therefore we partner with a local church to continue the process when we leave. Eastmont is not the most important church for them, their local church is.

So Guatemala fits what we are looking for in so many ways. But this year we’re taking a break. Primarily, this is because those that we partner with in Guatemala need a break. If we’re not careful, we can look at our Guatemalan counterparts as a means to an end. They are the ones who facilitate our trip. We pray for their wisdom in planning our trip, but we forget to pray for their growth in Christ. Sanctification is hard for all of us and sometimes that means taking a step back in order to get yourself right.

I hope you will pray for our partners in Guatemala that God would continue to grow them as He continues to grow us. God willing, we plan to return next year!

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