Sanctity of Life

A couple of weeks ago we recognized Sanctity of Life Sunday. Churches across our country prayed for the lives of the unborn and boldly declared that we stand for life. However, we also acknowledged that mere words are not enough. Words, apart from actions, show that something is not important to us. So, I wanted to present a tangible way for Eastmont to invest in the lives of the unborn. It’s a program called making Life Disciples, and I have invited our coordinator, Colleen Walton, to tell you more about it.

First Choice is a local pregnancy center that provides free information, services, and support to those facing pregnancy decisions. First Choice’s services also extend to providing new parents with support and providing items for the newborn infant. That lets those making a pregnancy decision know that they will have help if they choose life. Eastmont members have partnered with and supported First Choice through prayer and donations. Now there is another way we can show we advocate for the unborn by discipling those facing a pregnancy decision.

Making Life Disciples is a Gospel ministry initiative of Care Net. It is a course that teaches abortion is not just a cultural issue, but a heart issue. The Good News of Jesus has the power to transform lives and choices, including pregnancy decisions. Those interested would go through a twelve-week course to be prepared to offer compassion, hope, help, and discipleship to women and men facing unplanned pregnancies and considering abortion.

Lessons include background information on the history of legalized abortion as well as information to equip a person to build relationships and offer realistic alternatives to abortion. We are looking to build a team from Eastmont who will partner with First Choice or other pro-life ministries, to come alongside women and men considering abortion to mentor and disciple them. Classes can be completed individually online or as a group. If you are interested in taking this twelve-week course, please contact Gene Kim or Colleen Walton