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Spotlight on Missions: First Choice

Pam Jones says that her heart was touched when Bethany Garth, Executive Director of First Choice Women’s Medical Center, came to Eastmont in January on Sanctity of Life Day. She thought to herself, “I’m retired, and I need to be serving somewhere.” After the service, she talked with Bethany about being a volunteer, and a couple of weeks later she started serving at First Choice. 

Her responsibilities include administrative duties like answering the phone, making appointments, processing paperwork, and addressing and stuffing envelopes to clients, churches, and donors. She also calls to check on clients and has even gotten involved with the “Earn While You Learn” program. Pam says that her service frees up time for the nurses and counselors to spend more time with clients. 

When asked what she enjoys about volunteering at First Choice, Pam said, “I enjoy meeting the clients and forming relationships with them. I like showing them respect and the love of Jesus. Some of them don’t get that anywhere else.”

Bethany speaks highly of Pam and the impact that her volunteer work has made. “Pam has been such a blessing to add to our team of volunteers! She always has a sense of joy that is contagious, and it seems like the whole center lights up when she is here. She has given so generously of her time and energy, and we are grateful to have her atFirst Choice.” 

First Choice recognizes and appreciates the ministry of volunteers. “Volunteers are the heart of our ministry. We count on them to make our services happen each day. We need new volunteers more than ever—receptionists, nurses, client care… and we have been praying specifically that God would put a calling on people to be a part of what He is doing through the ministry of First Choice.” 

If you feel called to work with women who are facing unplanned pregnancies, Pam would encourage you to reach out to her or to First Choice. “It will touch your heart. You may think there’s nothing you can do, but you can make a difference.”

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