Summer Sunday Schedule

In June and July, Eastmont will adjust our Sunday schedule, moving to one unified worship service. We understand you’re excited for warm weather, no school, swimming pools, and more. For many, summer vacations, family reunions, and all sorts of events and activities affect your normal weekly routines. During the summer months, attendance has a tendency to fluctuate week-to-week.

We want to be proactive to ensure our time together in worship is honoring to Christ and nourishing to our souls. In June and July, LifeGroups will begin at 9:00 am with Worship at 10:15 am. This selection of start times calls for compromise for all our Eastmont family. Those who usually attend our early service can arrive a little later than usual, and those who attend our LifeGroups and later service can arrive a little earlier than the normal.

By combining for worship, we will be able to sit near different people, possibly on different pews. We will enjoy a worship experience with the room filled with voices of all ages singing praises to Christ, our King. Thank you for your flexibility as Eastmont continues to honor the LORD through our worship of His Son and our love for one another.

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