The Gospel in Guatemala

Guatemala has been called “the most evangelical country in Latin America.” Catholics and Protestants have focused their mission efforts here, and you can see the results by the number of churches. On the surface, it appears that Christianity is thriving. You’re probably wondering, “Why then do we send a team there every year?
The truth is that similar to America, Guatemala has a lot of religious activity without true spiritual transformation. The most thriving churches are filled with the prosperity gospel (using God for material blessings), or with syncretism (mixing cultures and religion). As we’ve learned from our study on Galatians: “A different Gospel is no Gospel at all.” While the pews may be filled, the Kingdom remains unchanged. So we go to Guatemala to share the true Gospel in partnership with local churches.
Would you commit to pray for Guatemalans that God would open their eyes to deception and reveal the true Gospel to them? Would you consider coming with us to be an ambassador for God in this country? And would you help by donating and serving at events like the spring and fall missions yard sales, silent auctions, and more that raise money for missions?
God is up to big things in Guatemala. Let’s do our part to join him.

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