VBS: Spark Studios

Summertime is right around the corner. This past week has given us a glimpse of that with the warm weather that has seemed to appear out of nowhere. Summer break is looming on the horizon, and so is my favorite week of the year – VBS! During Vacation Bible School we will have more children on our campus learning about God than any other time . We will have all of our Eastmont Kids, as well as a large number of kids and families from the community, who need to hear about Who Jesus is.

Our VBS will be June 5th – June 9th and, just like last year, we are going to have it in the evenings. This year our theme for Vacation Bible School is “Spark Studios.” Our kids will go through the week learning about how they are God’s Masterpiece. Our key verse for the week is Ephesians 2:10, and this verse shows us that we were CREATED perfectly by a God who loves us so much and has a plan for us. We were DESIGNED with a purpose to glorify God and to bring Him honor and EMPOWERED to do the good works that God has prepared for us.

In our current culture many battle with a sense that they aren’t good enough or that they have flaws in who they are. Our children aren’t immune to this. We want to teach our kids that they were created just the way thatGod wanted and that He has a plan for their life. This truth is not just something for our kids, but also for adults.God is the Master Designer who had a plan from the start; not just a plan for our life, but a plan for salvation through the work of Jesus. 

As we look forward to this year’s Vacation Bible School, we want everyone to be able to play a part. In the next few months be on the lookout for registration for your kids, but also keep an eye out for sign-ups to volunteer.There are so many different ways that you can be a part of this week, whether it be walking groups of kids around, helping put up decorations, working with the food services, or even praying for the kids and adults that will be participating. We want the whole church to be able to play a part in this amazing week!