What a Week

Celebrating Bro Mike

The first day of this week, Sunday the 16th, we celebrated Bro. Mike’s thirty-two years of faithful service as our pastor. The worship center was filled to capacity, the worship was Christ-honoring and Bro. Mike’s last message in the pulpit as pastor of Eastmont Baptist Church was Holy Spirit inspired. To God be the glory! Mark your calendar for Sunday, July 14 when we will have a reception for Bro. Mike and Connie.

Missing Aaron Lee

The last day of last week, Saturday, we celebrated the life of 19-year-old Aaron Lee. His parents, grandparents, brother, other family members, and friends, including our youth are grieving and we will miss him. But we remember that he put his faith and trust in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, so we will see him again!

What a Great VBS!

There are many people this week who are very tired and some of those may even be children. It was an outstanding week of VBS! I can’t thank everyone enough for the great job you did but suffice it to say, you made the week possible. Thank you for the many who decorated, the coordinators, all the workers (including both children’s and workers refreshments, guides, teachers, music leaders, tech crew, registration, offering counters, recreation leaders, parents and children, and Erline and Goober)! A special thank you to Linda Truitt, Donna Clements, and Karen Bush. Jeremy Lynch did a great job and I appreciate the Answers in Genesis curriculum that he used.

God’s Word reminds us that we are all created in His image and that we all go back through Noah and his three sons to Adam and Eve in the garden. Our ancestors disobeyed God at Babel and He lovingly confused our language so that today we may speak different languages (over 7,000), come from different parts of the world, and even look different, but we are really all the same in our Creator’s eyes. We are all sinners in need of a Savior. That seed of truth was planted in the hearts of our children and we will see God’s growth!

Our VBS Family Night with Remix Education was both entertaining and inspirational. Our S.O.S. Ministry saw eight persons make decisions for Christ! Over $1,500 was given to support our own missionaries in Asia, Jamie and Lauren Buckley. To God be the glory!

It truly was a week of joy, sadness, celebration, praise, tragedy, and victory! But in all things let us give thanks!

More to Come

Please remember to pray for Lance and our youth who are serving in Baldwin County this week on choir tour. Pray for Cleve and our youth who will be on mission in St. Louis June 23—29. We serve him together!