Why We Do VBS

Relevant! Significant! Vital! Useful! Strategic!

These may not be the first words that come to your mind when you think of Vacation Bible School but since at least 1898 VBS has been part of the landscape of many evangelical churches. And while the days of stand-up/sit-down chords and watered-down Kool-Aid and butter cookies (the ones some of you used as edible rings – I couldn’t get to fit past the first knuckle) have long since passed, VBS is no less viable today than it was all those years ago.

Here at Eastmont VBS remains no less vital and relevant to our mission to reach our community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ than it has been over the past several decades. Along with the memories of a well-spent summer and friendships forged and fortified through VBS, this week offers us at Eastmont the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with our community in a tangible way. We will be intentionally sharing the Gospel message of the hope that is found in Jesus alone with children and their families as they participate in VBS. What are a few things you can do to be a part of this strategic ministry this year?

  • Pray! Ask the Lord to use and multiply the collective efforts of everyone involved to point us and our community to the majesty of Jesus our Savior and Lord.
  • Recruit! You can help invite and register the children around you. VBS is for children who have finished Kindergarten through the 6th grade and we need your help connecting with your friends and neighbors – don’t assume they already know or have signed up, ask and encourage the participation of those around you.
  • Encourage! Find a way to encourage those who have committed to working VBS – a kind word or note offered can often provide a moment of encouragement that many need in the midst of a long week of service.

I can hardly wait to see what the Lord will do at Eastmont this year through VBS! To God Be The Glory!

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