Never Stop Learning

Never Stop Learning 2

As August enters the scene, so does the end of summer break. It’s a return to normalcy for parents and the start of another dreaded school year for students. I remember […]

Struggle and Freedom

Struggle and Freedom 3

This week, America celebrates our 247th Independence Day. Our freedom began with the signing of the Declaration of Independence, but shortly thereafter the resolve by those who desired freedom was […]

Eastmont Day of Service

Eastmont Day of Service 4

Eastmont will host the second churchwide Day of Service on August 26th. Last year we had more than 200 people participate in projects across the RiverRegion, sharing the love of Christ throughout our community. We look forward […]

SBC Update

SBC Update 5

If I asked you to go with me to a two-day Baptist business meeting what would you expect? Something resembling a food fight perhaps? Last week I went to the […]

Costly Inconvenience

Costly Inconvenience 6

Everyone that knows me well knows that I am a thrifty person. Others may say cheap, but I prefer thrifty because it sounds better. I know that can be a […]

Greater Things

Greater Things 7

Have you ever experienced a moment of greatness? Maybe you won the league championship or received that promotion. Maybe you aced the final exam or earned a superior rating by […]

Summer Sunday Schedule

Summer Sunday Schedule 8

In June and July, Eastmont will adjust our Sunday schedule, moving to one unified worship service. We understand you’re excited for warm weather, no school, swimming pools, and more. For […]

Ministry Celebration Sunday

Ministry Celebration Sunday 9

Have you ever audibly answered what was intended as a rhetorical question and then noticed the looks of the people around you? You know — those looks that, if someone […]

Bible Skills, Drills, and Thrills

Bible Skills, Drills, and Thrills 10

This past year on Wednesday Nights our 1st-6th Graders went through the BibleSkills, Drills, and Thrills curriculum diving in to God’s Word and learning the books ofthe Bible, verses, stories, key passages, and […]