Faith in Action: Homeless Sleeping Mat Ministry

Faith in Action: Homeless Sleeping Mat Ministry 1

Lorrie Deal had no idea when she went for her doctor’s appointment that a “God moment” awaited her, presenting her with an opportunity to join the Lord in ministering to the hundreds of homeless people in our community. It was at this appointment where she met Karla Groves from Eastern Hills Baptist Church who, along with […]

Spotlight on Missions: Emilyn Meyer

Emilyn Meyer

Eastmont’s own Emilyn Meyer currently serves in ministry in Opelika, Alabama, through the North American Mission Board. The daughter of Jeff and Katrina Meyer, Emilyn and her sister, Cassie, grew up at Eastmont. She is also the niece of Mike and Tracey Klepec and cousin to Lauren B. who serves in South Asia through theInternational Mission Board.  Emilyn […]

He is Risen!

He is Risen! 2

He is risen! He is risen, indeed!  These words comprise one of the oldest and most hope-filled greetings among followers of Christ Jesus. The greeting is based upon the retelling of the events on the road to Emmaus by two of the disciples (Luke 24:13 – 35). As these two retell the events, they declare to all the […]

An Unseeded Generation

An Unseeded Generation 3

This Saturday (March 20th) marks the first day of spring! As a young boy this meant more hours to spend playing outside, signing up for baseball, the early scent of freshly mowed grass (probably more weeds than grass), and soon the first sounds of the bullfrogs on the farm pond behind our house. But it was also the […]

The Mission Moves Forward

The Mission Moves Forward 4

The Mission Moves Forward!   This is the theme the North American Mission Board (NAMB) has chosen for the Week of Prayer for the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering this year. Beginning this Sunday we will unite with thousands of other churches as we pray for and give to the missionaries and ministries sponsored by NAMB. Did […]

Amplify Weekend 2021 Report

Amplify Weekend 2021 Report 5

We’ve all felt the sting of having family and ministry gatherings canceled or postponed due to concerns over COVID19.   I’ve been longing and praying for an opportunity to once again experience a successful student ministry event, and following the cancellation of Winter Retreat, Disciple Now Weekend 2021 was next in line.   God Answered, MIGHTILY!!   Eastmont […]

Reconnecting by Serving

Reconnecting by Serving 6

Have you noticed the days are already getting longer? Maybe they’re not getting longer – 24 hours is still the time it takes for the earth to rotate on its axis. But sunrise is about 1 minute earlier and sunset 1 minute later each day!!! It seems imperceptible when viewed one day to the next, […]

Authentic, Loving, Genuine Community

Authentic, Loving, Genuine Community 7

Thank you Eastmont Family!   You have called, texted, and messaged checking in on me and my family.   You have prayed for us and for our health.   You have provided for us by bringing meals and even a grocery run or two.   Coming to the end of my time of isolation (I found out that quarantine […]

COVID-19 Gathering Changes

COVID-19 Gathering Changes 8

Eastmont Family: Over the past week, as COVID-19 numbers in our area have risen, we have emphasized the urgency for our church family to exercise extreme caution in our gatherings.  Thank you for how well you’ve responded to the call to wear masks and social distance.  With the local increase in positive cases, our Eastmont […]

Dreams for 2021


What are your dreams for 2021? Great health, job security, that the Vols win the NCAA football national championship (well I did say dreams)?   What if our dreams are too small or too inconsequential? What if we are settling for a year of just passing time until “normal” returns? What if “normal” never returns? While everyone else around us […]