Know the Word for Kids

Know the Word for Kids 1

Hey Eastmont Families! We are so excited to announce that starting in Week4 (January 24-29) of our church-wide Scripture reading plan, we are going to start our #KnowTheWord4Kids reading plans. There are two different tracks that your kids can be a part of. The track for our older kids is going to have passages of […]

It’s Not About Me

It's Not About Me 2

The excitement around our #KnowTheWord challenge has been unmistakable. Genesis is filled with some of the most memorable stories and historical characters. For many of us, these opening weeks may have felt like drinking from a fire hydrant. Hang in there!! As I read, I have begun to notice how I often place MYSELF at […]

New Year Goals

New Year Goals 3

It’s the first week of 2022, and right on schedule – I’m back at the gym this week, of course, it’s only Monday and we’ll see how this goes. Each year often begins with a new set of expectations, longings, and commitments. Some years these resolutions are met with greater degrees of success than others, and the difference is always […]

Pointing to Hope

Pointing to Hope 4

“A voice is heard in Ramah, weeping and great mourning…” Matthew 2:18 Overshadowed by the miracle of the virgin birth and the greetings by shepherds and the Magi is a tragic account of loss and suffering. Matthew 2:16-18 says that Herod, in a fit of vengeful rage, orders the massacre of all boys in Bethlehem […]

Pancakes and Christmas Lights

Pancakes and Christmas Lights 5

Thank you so much to everyone who was able to come out and enjoy our pancake dinner and trip to the zoo to look at Christmas lights! A special thanks to the Short Sunday School class for cooking! Being able to walk into the Fellowship Hall Sunday night and see it filled with people excited […]

Greetings from South Asia!

Greetings from South Asia! 6

Since the last time we were able to worship with you all in the spring, our family of three has moved back to the field to begin our overseas work once again. These days, we find ourselves busy with meetings with nationals, setting up our new home here, and keeping up with an active almost-one-year-old! It’s easy to […]

Finding Our Rhythm of Rest

Finding Our Rhythm of Rest 7

            Busyness.  It’s everywhere.  With the Christmas season upon us, our calendars are likely overpopulated with events, meals, worship services, family gatherings, and more.  We regularly verbalize frustration with our ever-increasing busyness, but we fail to act to reverse the trend.  For those in ministry, there can exist an added pressure of seizing every free […]

Christ-Centered Education

Christ-Centered Education 8

It’s been a busy three months for Eastmont ChristianKindergarten! Our 3-, 4-, and 5-year-olds have enjoyed learning about opposites, rhyming, shapes, colors, farms, our country, and fire safety. We are always working on letters and numbers, and you should hear these small children recite their memory verses. We have regular Bible stories, playtime and we sing and say […]

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering 9

Did you know that every day 155,473 people die without Christ? That means in the time between our weekly services there are 1,088,311 people who enter into a Christless eternity. “Our work together is not finished. We have to get to every nation, every tribe, every people. We must share His gospel in every language. The Bible declares it. Heavenreveals […]

Praying for Guatemala

Praying for Guatemala 10

Many of you might be wondering: “Why is Eastmont not going to Guatemala this year?” Before I answer that question let me tell you about some of the reasons why we do go. I’ve spoken before about the people, how kind, welcoming and loving they are. But then there are the practical and missional reasons. Practically, this is […]