Pastor Search Update

Thank you for your continued prayers for our Pastor Search Team — composed of Brian Clements, Courtney Corum, Travis Jordan, Cindy Pitts, David Seay, Jerry Short, and myself. After a break for the Christmas holidays, the Pastor Search Committee recently met and is accepting resumes for our Senior Pastor Position. The job description has been […]

Get to Know Interim Pastor, Jeff McFarland

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that your holidays were spent with family and friends. Even though the Christmas season is hectic and sometimes frustrating it is and will always be my most favorite time of the year. Even though I couldn’t see you, I enjoyed spending Christmas […]

The Real Miracle of Christmas

Christmas tree with red and gold ornaments / miracle

What is the miracle of Christmas? “But [Joseph] kept her [Mary] a virgin until she gave birth to a Son, and he called his name Jesus.” (Matthew 1:25) The Birth of Jesus The actual birthday of Jesus was sometime in the fall (September or October) rather than December. The date is of lesser consequence, however […]

A Thanksgiving Reminder

One hundred and fifty-one years before our declaration of independence from England, fifty-three Plymouth colonists and ninety native Wampanoag gathered to celebrate a three-day feast after their first successful harvest in the “new world.” As we prepare to celebrate our Thanksgiving I want us to focus on Psalm 100 that we have been reading as […]

A Statement From Your Pastor Search Committee

To Our Eastmont Family: On Sunday, November 10, Eastmont’s pastor search committee informed the church of the decision by our prospective pastor to withdraw from serving Eastmont.  The committee learned of this decision on Saturday, November 9.  The withdrawal resulted from unforeseen circumstances related to concerns raised to the committee a few days prior.  Since […]

Additional Thoughts on Tithing

I would like to touch on a point or two from my message on tithing from last Sunday that I just didn’t have the time to share. In His last week of earthly ministry, Jesus was asked by some religious leaders, “Tell us then, what do you think? Is it lawful to give a poll-tax […]

Get to Know Dr. Kevin Blackwell

Dr. Kevin Blackwell preaching

We thoroughly enjoyed hearing the word preached by Dr. J.D. Payne during the month of September. The story of Jonah was a great reminder to our congregation to keep following the path God has called us to. Thank you, Dr. Payne, for filling the pulpit for us. This past Sunday, Dr. Kevin Blackwell began his […]

Pray Expectantly for the Future

girl praying for the future while reading her bible

In April of 1968, the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey was released in theatres throughout the country. As a 14 year old, I watched this fantasy/sci-fi film and I couldn’t imagine the world this movie depicted existing in thirty-two years. We were still 14 months away from putting a man on the moon. I certainly […]

What Would Jesus Do

First published in 1896, “In His Steps” written by Charles M. Sheldon has sold more than fifty million copies and is one of the best selling books of all time. The full title of the book is “In His Steps: What Would Jesus Do?” In recent years the book spawned the W.W.J.D. bracelet which became […]

Get to Know Dr. J.D. Payne

Throughout most of September, we will have Dr. J.D. Payne bringing us a message from God’s Word. Dr, Payne serves as an Associate Professor of Christian Ministry at Samford University. Prior to this, he was the pastor for church multiplication with The Church of Brook Hills in Birmingham. He served for ten years with the […]