The Life and Legacy of Lottie Moon

The Life and Legacy of Lottie Moon 1

Lottie Moon—the namesake of Southern Baptists’ international missions offering—has become a legend. But in her time, Lottie was anything but an untouchable hero. In fact, she was like today’s missionaries. She laboredtirelessly so her people group could know Jesus. Well over 100 years ago, a single missionary named Lottie Moon, while serving in China, began […]

Greetings from South Asia!

Greetings from South Asia! 2

Since the last time we were able to worship with you all in the spring, our family of three has moved back to the field to begin our overseas work once again. These days, we find ourselves busy with meetings with nationals, setting up our new home here, and keeping up with an active almost-one-year-old! It’s easy to […]

Christ-Centered Education

Christ-Centered Education 3

It’s been a busy three months for Eastmont ChristianKindergarten! Our 3-, 4-, and 5-year-olds have enjoyed learning about opposites, rhyming, shapes, colors, farms, our country, and fire safety. We are always working on letters and numbers, and you should hear these small children recite their memory verses. We have regular Bible stories, playtime and we sing and say […]

A Unique Perspective on Missions

A Unique Perspective on Missions 4

Most people who grew up in the church are familiar with “PK,” or “Preacher’s Kid.” Those who grew up in a Southern Baptist church and were active in Mission Friends, GAs, or RAs know that an MK is a missionary kid. However, very few know what an “MP” is (no, I’m not referring to Military Police). Mike […]

Fellowship Meal Ministry

Fellowship Meal Ministry 5

Can you imagine feeding more than 100 people every week? If your family is like most, trying to find meals that everyone likes becomes a challenge. What if you had to attempt to prepare meals that would please over 100 people? Every week this group of people takes on the task of preparing and serving […]

Pastor Appreciation Month

Pastor Appreciation Month 6

October is Pastor Appreciation Month and Eastmont has much to appreciate in this group of men that God brought together to lead Eastmont! Leading a church the size of Eastmont in the best of circumstances is not easy, but leading her through a global pandemic has been particularly challenging. They have had to make unprecedented decisions that balanced […]

Prayer Ministry

Prayer Ministry 7

Did you know that there is a group of Eastmont members who commit to pray for one or two hours every week for people who are hurting, ill, or lost? The Eastmont Prayer Ministry is one of the most vital, yet lesser-known ministries in our church. You have probably seen prayer cards in the pew racks and maybe you wonder what happens when you turn one in. Perhaps you have not thought about it at all. […]

Missions Isn’t Just for Grown-ups

Missions Isn't Just for Grown-ups 8

Missions is so much at the heart of the Church that we can’t just think of it as one aspect of the Church, but rather as its defining essence. If missions cease, the Church has not just failed, it has ceased being the church. That’s why educating our young ones about missions is so important. Eastmont provides an awesome opportunity on Wednesday nights to preschoolers through 6th graders for missions discipleship through Mission Friends (preschoolers), RAs (1st-6th grade boys), and GAs (1st-6th grade girls). Each month they learn about a missionary family as well as study a Bible lesson related to missions. […]

LifeGroup Focus: Young Married Class

LifeGroup Focus: Young Married Class 9

Several years ago, Eric and Heather Hill saw a growing number of newly married (or soon-to-be newly married) couples at Eastmont and felt a call to begin a LifeGroup for these young couples. Taylor Guttensohn, a member of the group, says, “You can really tell that Eric and Heather have a passion for serving our […]

Spotlight on Missions: First Choice

Spotlight on Missions: First Choice 10

Pam Jones says that her heart was touched when Bethany Garth, Executive Director of First Choice Women’s Medical Center, came to Eastmont in January on Sanctity of Life Day. She thought to herself, “I’m retired, and I need to be serving somewhere.” After the service, she talked with Bethany about being a volunteer, and a couple of weeks later she […]